Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another fight over Jackson?

America and the rest of the music world are in two about the recent announcements of the nominations of the American Music Awards. Looks like the awards people just cant get things right this year? According to Los Angeles Times, AMA failed deeply in getting it right, because now Taylor Swift will loose again and this time a dead man. This time not only her spotlight but awards which she earned. As if other musicians like the late MJ did not work. Personally I think swift can get over it because the awards are based on best sales and her album didn't sell best, thus she can’t get the award. De!!!
Other news websites such as CBS NEWS and ABC NEWS reported on this event with fairness and a bit of objectivity, even though I don't think there is no such thing as objectivity. They just gave facts such as how many awards Jackson is nominated for and what categories. I think that LA Times were just being typically provocative and hysterical because they know that Jackson fans like myself would visit their website and try to find out what it is they are saying about my hero. This is just bad journalism but a good way to get sales booming and their website figures up. Lame!!!!!



  2. u r one of the smartest bloggers on campus. well informed. well done