Monday, October 19, 2009

3 points

Cameron Brownrigg

The exercise we did this week in the journalism tutorial really made me wonder if journ as a whole is the right way to go. What we did was pointless, mindless, and as far as I could see, there was nothing that was beneficial. We started off the tut with a page with many circles inside of each other. We had to put our name in the first circle, and then each bigger circle had to be someone of lesser relation to me. From there, we had to write down what each of those people, including us, would do on any usual day. Their whole day plan. This took up about half the tutorial and from here I still didn’t understand what this was for. We were then asked to compare each persons day plan, and check which things were similar. I still, after this, didn’t understand why this exercise would be useful in any way, shape, or form. This seemed more to me like a waste of time than something productive. Something the journ department set up just so they could have us do something in the tut. It almost seems as if they were unprepaired, and instead of losing face, just make up a bullshit assignment for us to do. I really did expect to have a result after this exercise. I though that just maybe their was a point to what we were doing. But no. We didn’t even have to hand them in. I was dumbfounded, and felt as if I was in a 2nd grade class room. Why would we do such a lame and stupid up assignment that wouldn’t even be graded or cared about? What was the purpose of writing ours and others day plans out? So we could plan a fucking party? Whatever is going on, it seems action needs to be taken. We aren’t learning a thing and seem to be wasting all of our time doing fuck all.

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