Monday, October 19, 2009

Toseland furious with decision

The race this sunday in Australia seemed great for all riders, until James Toseland, trailing for fifth, got asked to do a drive through penalty because of a jump start. This horrible and race threatening decision by Race Direction left him all the way back in 14th place. Right after the race James viewed his start several times, and even took it up with the Race Direction. The decision stayed, and he stayed in 14th. This made him furious, but he knew he was helpless to change anything. This is a horrible punishment to have, and honestly very confusing. A small offense like that, even if it REALLY happened, wouldnt even get a drive through penalty. Drive throughs come from something like preventing lappers to overtake. His anger is understandable, but there is nothing he can do about it. He just hopes he can prove to the Race Decision that he can infact ride and get a good result at the moto gp in Sepang, Malaysia.

This story is very intruiging, as something similar has happened to me many times before. It is unacceptable that people do this, and it needs to be stopped. Also, i didnt get to watch the race and was just catching up on news.

tweet: the furious rider gets nothing from the people who should be trusted the most.

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