Monday, October 26, 2009

Market value degrees will result into a total screw up of life…. Ubuntu.

A few weeks ago a few students at the University Of The Free State decided to put their racially discriminated sick mentalities to practice. They made a film where university employees had to eat food from the floor which was urinated on, humiliated the workers in various ways. They did this to express their unhappiness of the new integration policies of the university. After what the university considers as “disciplinary action” was applied, the new black rector decided last week to withdraw all disciplinary actions against these students on the basis of racial reconciliation which is derived from the Ubuntu principles of reconciliation and not revenge.
Well, I don’t know whether the rector has his head screwed on right, because no one seems to agree on this matter with him, white, black, coloured and Indian. What does he want to reconcile and how, by dropping the disciplinary actions against these hooligans he will do exactly the opposite. All we want is justice and for those idiots who have such a sickening mentality to be excluded from societies where we are busy breeding the leaders of tomorrow and where we are shaping our lives. A few students were even quoted saying that they don’t care about the matter, as long as they get their degrees they are happy. Now my question is how you are getting your degree and what are you getting from this process, because part of being a student is learning all sorts of things from life and the people who surrounds you to equip you for the world out there. The rector goes further inviting all stake holder of the university and those who has been affected by this even called the Reitz inauguration, but then makes a statement saying “"I have huge respect for the minister, he has his opinion, I am not interested in a public spat in the media, but we will talk privately.” This made me loose even more respect for Mr Jansen and made me loose hope for any changes at the UFS or a better tomorrow. The public is the biggest stake holder of any university, because without public recognition no one will attend an educational institute and we, the public, who are supposedly spitting in the media, are the financers and future of that university. So I think that the rector should make better use of his degrees and position and his policies for change and take a cold shower, because currently they mean nothing to us the public since we mean nothing to him, even better I think we should make a film of him and those students and see who needs to be reconciled.
Therefore I feel that this whole matter should be reconsidered and the appropriate disciplinary actions should be applied with the input by all stake holders of the university and that students should make their degrees worth more than just a piece of paper.

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