Friday, October 9, 2009

busy street, target me.

yesterday i decided to go stock up on my stationery since exams are drawing near and preparations need to take place. as i was walking to clicks this guy walks up to me, looks me in the face,puts his hands the pockets of my hoodie and tries to steal my wallet and phone. i was so angry that i punched him in the face and used my mother tongue to belittle him and his actions. as we all know Afrikaans is one of the most descriptive languages and can hurt you to the core plus cause permanent damage. i think that being a student is hard enough we don't need people like this guy to make it even worse. what happened to asking or even better earning a living through a decent and honest job. we might seem like we have money and some might even role in money, but not all rhodents are rich, some study here on bursaries, loans and grants and stealing from them wont make you a Robin hood, so next time a person steals from a rhodent i think we should gang up on him/her and kick their asses till they die!!

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