Monday, September 28, 2009

Mission Statement

Cameron Brownrigg
Confessions of a Journ Student

The main reason for this blog is to show all of you lovely people what its like from a journalist students point of view. I will be commenting a couple times a week on what is happening around campus, as well as in the classrooms and lecture halls.

The point of this blog is to show all you prospective journalism students what its like deep in the journalism department. Although some of the things one might see on the websites and books seem interesting, there is a lot more to Rhodes journalism that meets the eye. This doesn’t mean that things are bad per se, but it just gives you a more insightful and deep look.

This blog will be made up of my view of journalism, and should in no way be seen as fact. Although this is the case, there might be a lot of things that come out which might be of insulting or opinionated subjects. I will give the full story, everything that I feel should be told. I’m not going to write a whole load of bullshit that has no meaning or reason, but real things that happen and why. Unlike many blogs, TV shows, and newspapers, I will not cover up anything or candy coat things. It will be the hard true facts that people actually give a crap about.

There is a large variety of things I will be writing on this blog, ranging from movies, newspapers, and even blogs like this. I ask you to read and comprehend, but at the same time not to take any offense to what is being said and discussed. Confessions of a Journ Student is made for prospective students who want to hear what its like from and actual students point of view, and not only the bullshit they receive from others and what they hear.


This is the best blog one will find with relevant and interesting information. Confessions of a Journ Student is hear to bring the truth to the world.

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